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There is a magical glow when a woman finds a piece of jewelry or other work of art that suits her. I hope you experience this radiance while browsing this site!

From the Studio
Silver PMC Pendant: Heart of the Rose Silver PMC Pendant: Heart of the Rose $99.00
A Loving Nature Perfect for a mother you love. A ruby-red heart-shaped Cubic Zirconia is set into fine silver (.999 pure) shaped from a genuine rosebud. The flowing body was once a real ivy leaf; it is now also immortalized in fine silver. Bound to the pendant's heart like a baby in a sling is a freshwater grey pearl....
View Silver PMC Pendant: Heart of the Rose Buy NowSilver PMC Pendant: Heart of the Rose
Color Glass Necklace Color Glass Necklace $38.00
Fun Colorful Glass! Lots of fun furnace glass in blues, yellows, greens and purples mean this necklace goes with almost anything. A sterling silver square Bali clasp finishes it elegantly. The length is approximately 25", meaning it can be worn double on smaller necks....
View Color Glass Necklace Buy NowColor Glass Necklace
Furnace Glass Bracelet: Tuxedo Elegance Furnace Glass Bracelet: Tuxedo Elegance $60.00
Monochrome? No Way! This is another fun furnace glass bracelet. Its colors are black and white with bright shiny soldered silver links joining the sculpture together. This bracelet swings and exhudes fun and elegance! Buy this unique bracelet as a special gift....
View Furnace Glass Bracelet: Tuxedo Elegance Buy NowFurnace Glass Bracelet: Tuxedo Elegance
Ethnic Necklace - Brown vs. Brown Ethnic Necklace - Brown vs. Brown $49.00
This necklace was made to commemorate the Brown vs. Brown decision to desegregate schools "with all deliberate speed." The turtles on the pendant symbolize both the slow pace with which this decision was implemented and the inexorable fact that it was destined to happen. The necklace was designed during the artist's summer working at the BELL progr...
View Ethnic Necklace - Brown vs. Brown Buy NowEthnic Necklace - Brown vs. Brown
Labradorite & Vintage Button Bracelet Labradorite & Vintage Button Bracelet $35.00
A Soft Glow for Your Wrist Everyone who sees this bracelet is moved to touch it and admire it. The focal point is a vintage button with blue rhinestones in the flowers. This is complemented by the gentle radiance of polished labradorite nuggets and blue crystals. The bracelet is equipped with an adjuster cha...
View Labradorite & Vintage Button Bracelet Buy NowLabradorite & Vintage Button Bracelet