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Aspiring Arts offers unique handcrafted jewelry and accessories at affordable prices.

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There is a magical glow when a woman finds a piece of jewelry or other work of art that suits her. I hope you experience this radiance while browsing this site!

From the Studio
Lemon Topaz Hearts & Crystals Necklace Lemon Topaz Hearts & Crystals Necklace $100.00
Finest Quality Lemon Topaz and Crystal A glowing golden sun; ocean blue; new-grass green. This high-quality, brilliantly-faceted necklace is perfect for the coming seasons, for wearing with wedding clothing, or just for a pick-me-up. Rare best-quality faceted lemon topaz sparkles and shines in the light, as do the compleme...
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Silver Curlicues & Pearls Silver Curlicues & Pearls $100.00
Curlicues Galore Lots of sterling silver handmade coils and loops join with cultured pearls and beads to form this fun, light, unique necklace. It's finished with a lovely heart toggle clasp. Soldering strengthens the loops so the necklace will stand up to wear. At 16", this is a standard choker-length necklace....
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Gunmetal Chainmaille Watch Gunmetal Chainmaille Watch $85.00
This original design came to me when I was trying to think of a way to create a cuff-like chainmaille watch. The vision was of the whole as one piece, with the watch encased within. The results are striking and very comfortable to wear. The sterling silver of the handmade and handwoven chain links, and the silver plate of the watch face, have been ...
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Unlocking the Mysteries of Gemstones (Download) Unlocking the Mysteries of Gemstones (Download) $8.00
Have you ever wanted to find out what the influences of the gems you wear are on your body and mind? This meditation will take you through a process to find out for yourself. No longer will you need to rely on folklore and interpretations from others about what stones' effects are; you can use your own body and senses for a truly individual experie...
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Pregnant Goddess Wire Sculpture Pendant Pregnant Goddess Wire Sculpture Pendant $20.00
A goddess figure with long golden hair lovingly embraces her abdomen. Inside it is a glowing blue treasure full of pink and golden light and hope for the future. A pale blue crystal adorns her neck, giving tiny sparkles in the light. Perfect for any mother in your life. Materials include sterling silver, brass chain, dichroic glass, Austri...
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