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Aspiring Arts offers unique handcrafted jewelry and accessories at affordable prices.

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There is a magical glow when a woman finds a piece of jewelry or other work of art that suits her. I hope you experience this radiance while browsing this site!

From the Studio
$ 50 Gift Certificate $ 50 Gift Certificate $50.00
Send a $50.00 gift certificate for your loved one or friend to choose what delights her heart! Or use it as a voucher for yourself to spend as you like, as a way of loving yourself. You may also combine gift certificates to reach a custom amount for your gift....
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Pink Pearls & Vintage Button Bracelet Pink Pearls & Vintage Button Bracelet $40.00
Pretty in Pink Pearls These vintage mother of pearl buttons are complemented by the lovely pink cultured pearls and 14kt gold-filled beads. This bracelet looks lovely on the wrist and complements many spring and summer outfits. It is also equipped with an adjuster chain and clasp for a comfortable fit....
View Pink Pearls & Vintage Button Bracelet Buy NowPink Pearls & Vintage Button Bracelet
She Sells Sea Shells Necklace She Sells Sea Shells Necklace $35.00
The hues and textures of the sea come together in this sweet necklace. A carved abalone (Mother of Pearl) shell flower, with its subtle glow, is the centerpiece. It is highlighted by round abalone beads, handmade silver, and lovely sea-colored furnace glass. This is a longer necklace, at about 24 inches long. The clasp is a handmade round ...
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Waterfall Art Bracelet Waterfall Art Bracelet $70.00
This original design combines a waterfall of silver strands, each ending in a different glass bead. The clasp is handmade by the artist. It is a waterfall of silver and color, and the falling strands can be worn atop or beneath the wrist for a unique look. This bracelet is very light and comfortable to wear....
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Gunmetal Chainmaille Watch Gunmetal Chainmaille Watch $85.00
This original design came to me when I was trying to think of a way to create a cuff-like chainmaille watch. The vision was of the whole as one piece, with the watch encased within. The results are striking and very comfortable to wear. The sterling silver of the handmade and handwoven chain links, and the silver plate of the watch face, have been ...
View Gunmetal Chainmaille Watch Buy NowGunmetal Chainmaille Watch