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Aspiring Arts offers unique handcrafted jewelry and accessories at affordable prices.

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There is a magical glow when a woman finds a piece of jewelry or other work of art that suits her. I hope you experience this radiance while browsing this site!

From the Studio
Honey Hollow Bead Honey Hollow Bead $7.00
This golden honey-colored bead has a nice bubble inside, causing it to be lightweight for its size. It has green dots, blue dichroic glass, and Tink dust around the edge. An eye-catching focal with its diameter slightly larger than a quarter's, it can also be worn solo on a chain as a modern jewel. Note: The center bubble is slightly off-center....
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Little Black Dress Necklace - 20 inch Little Black Dress Necklace - 20 inch $80.00
Triplets of black onyx balls and faceted briolettes, all glowing with high polish, mingle freely with sparkly black and clear crystals. The closure is a gorgeous, handmade, limited edition silver heart toggle clasp. Perfect for that little black dress or any elegant evening. This necklace is 20 inches long....
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Meditation Music Meditation Music $0.75
A short, simple ambient piece music meant to help soothe and deepen into a body-aware process without putting the listener to sleep. This is the same music used in the "Unlocking the Mysteries of Gemstones" meditation, also available at Aspiring Arts. To listen to a sample of t...
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$ 10 Gift Certificate $ 10 Gift Certificate $10.00
Send a $10.00 gift certificate for your loved one or friend to choose what delights her heart! Or use it as a voucher for yourself to spend as you like, as a way of loving yourself. You may also combine gift certificates to reach a custom amount for your gift....
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Furnace Glass Bracelet: Tuxedo Elegance Furnace Glass Bracelet: Tuxedo Elegance $60.00
Monochrome? No Way! This is another fun furnace glass bracelet. Its colors are black and white with bright shiny soldered silver links joining the sculpture together. This bracelet swings and exhudes fun and elegance! Buy this unique bracelet as a special gift....
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