About Aspiring Arts

Welcome to the Aspiring Arts cyber spa, a place you can go to retreat from the hectic pace of these times. Imagine soft chimes tinkling and a fresh breeze blowing the scent of wildflowers as you enter. Take your time and help yourself to the complimentary tea by the door. Decide where you'd like to go first: to browse the nature-inspired jewelry and purchase a special treat for yourself, to read some poems, or to relax and play some games. Maybe you need a good laugh, so you read and share some jokes the Arcade. Or maybe you'd like to find out more about the art of glasswork. Perhaps you watch a video demonstration of this ancient art, or learn to weave your own earrings as the Native Americans did. Whatever your fancy, enjoy your time here, and visit often!

My name is Susan Midlarsky, and I live in Peekskill, New York, the northernmost city in Westchester County. My apartment has a beautiful view of the Hudson River and the surrounding mountains.

I have been creating jewelry and other crafts for an embarrassing number of years. My quality and joy in it have increased with time. Now I am also enjoying teaching jewelry workshops for both children and adults. You may email me to find out more through the Contact Us link on the left.

When not engaged in art, I teach school. I really love teaching; it can be the most fun, exciting adventure ever. Currently I am teaching at The Garden Road School, a brilliant, loving, home-like green school. It's a great place to work.