Welcome to the library! Come on in, have a seat, pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee, and stay a while. I hope you enjoy my written offerings!

One of the joys in my life is the beauty evoked by gifted language. Whether it comes through another or my own mind, writing provides a vital service in our growth as a species.

I enjoy writing in various genres, including poetry. Below you will find links to several of my poems and some prose pieces, along with a blog or two and a few articles. Enjoy, and leave feedback if you like!


Lampworking Blog

December 2003 trip log


A Night for Poetry


Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel

Yes I Know

Poetry Hunt Poems

Want some help writing your own poetry? Consult the Cyberspace Poet!

Poems composed by Cyberspace Poet with Aspiring Arts visitors


My Sister's Will

The Irony of Astronomy (Newsletter Serial)

Need ideas for a story? Try the Story Starter!


Beadweaving Lesson

Measuring Without a Tape (published at, March 2005)

Your Business Logo and Colors (published at Home Jewelry Business Success Tips, August 2004)

Slipper Visor with Visorphone Case Review (, May 2001)