Cyberspace Poet

The Cyberspace Poet likes to write Primitive Poetry.

Read poems composed by the Cyberspace Poet and other Aspiring Arts visitors.

Instructions: The Cyberspace Poet will allow up to 5000 of your own phrases to compose poetry. She already has three sets of phrases in the "Choose the kind of poetry" options below. These have less than 50 phrases each. By choosing one, you can compose as many different stanzas, with any number of lines per stanza you want. Some of the poetry may even make sense, if she's having a good day. You can highlight parts of the poem and copy them by clicking the right mouse button (Windows) or cmd-C On a Mac; see comments at the end of this page. 

Now you can either skip the next instructions and start consulting the Cyberspace Poet (scroll down), or keep reading for more details.

To use your own phrases, or some of the ones in the three options, simply paste or type them into the second large text area for phrases. and hit the ENTER or RETURN key at the end of each phrase (including the title -- first line, and including the last phrase) .  You must have at least one phrase after the title.  Just click on the button "Use phrases below for Your Poetry (option 4)", choose the "Your Poetry" option, click on the "Make Poetry" button, and compose poetry with your own phrases.   You can highlight the phrases, copy them to a text word processor, and save the text file so that you can use them another day.

 Have fun, but beware; if the Cyberspace Poet is having a difficult day, some of the poetry can make a Vogon weep in anguish.

Lines per Stanza? Number of Stanzas?

Choose the kind of poetry:
Natural Poetry   
Scary Poetry      Peaceful Poetry    Your Poetry 

Phrases used:

Sequence:Scroll down to see all the phrases.

Use the right mouse button to access undo, cut, copy, paste, delete, select all menu for any textbox. You must highlight the part you want to undo etc. first.   After clicking the right mouse button it usually takes several seconds before the floating menu appears.


Did you and the Cyberspace Poet create some awesome poetry today? Click the Contact Us link on the left to email the poems to me so the poetry can be posted on the website!